Danielle Vidal-Ausseil

Danielle Vidal Ausseil Drawing, from the series "schaduwen", mixed media, 56x77cm, 2019.
Drawings -Tekeningen
Danielle Vidal-Ausseil Artiste Beeldend Kunstenaar Amsterdam
Danielle Vidal-Ausseil in haar atelier.
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Danielle Vidal-Ausseil neemt deel exposistie Tekenkabinet XI Singel 100 Amsterdam

Danielle Vidal-Ausseil

In my process as an artist, I try to create poetic abstract images, inspired by Nature as my Muse, with a strong tendency towards minimalism.
One can see a wide landscape with a low horizon, or an empty place, with trunks reaching into the space, trees between the rocks, silhouettes in the movement, shadows in the space, shadows in the sky. Together, it’s both chaos and harmony, noise and silence, earthly and ethereal, full and empty, fragile and powerful.

It is a form of handwriting, in which the strokes and rhythm of the brush convey an important statement.

It’s comparable to a musical score. Just like a musician, artists have to organise the chaotic movement and capture the dynamic balance. Instead of musical instruments, they use pencils, brushes, pens, crayons, and so on…
My art could be described as a poetic visualisation of the sound of music.

In this way, my work is an attempt at abstraction.  Text : Danielle Vidal-Ausseil.   Translation : Neven Curlin.

Danielle Vidal Ausseil artisteChina ink and coloured pencils
Danielle Vidal-Ausseil drawing chinese ink
Danielle Vidal-Ausseil drawing chinese ink
Danielle Vidal-Ausseil drawing chinese ink

Selectie werken litho, tekeningen en sculpturen

Unicum, drawing on a etching, 20x40cm, 2019. China ink on a etching with red ink.
Danielle Vidal Ausseil Visual Art Scupture-bronze-on-a-gold-base-series-cypresses
Scupture, bronze on a gold base 2020, from the series of the Cypresses.
Danielle Vidal Ausseil Artist Sculpture with wood and softstone series: trees and rocks 2019
Sculpture with wood en softstone, from the series "trees and rocks", frontside view, 40x20x10cm, 2019.

Tekeningen, prints en installaties

Drawings, Prints and Installations.
Danielle Vidal-Ausseil : Artiste Amsterdam – Perpignan

Ruimte en beweging zijn heel belangrijk in het werk van Danielle Vidal- Ausseil. Geboren in Frankrijk, Danielle woont en werkt al meer dan 30 jaar in Amsterdam.

Space and movement are very important in Danielle’s Vidal-Ausseil work.
Born in France, she is working and living in Amsterdam since 30 years.


Danielle Vidal Ausseil Artiste acryl op canvas uit de serie : cypressen2019
Danielle Vidal-Ausseil Artiste acryl op canvas uit de serie : cypressen2019


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Danielle Vidal Ausseil Veeldende Kunstenares Amsterdam @ Communication-in-art.nl

Drawings, Tekeningen: serie ‘Rollende stenen’ en serie ‘Terug naar de ruimte’, back to the space, 100x70cm, mixed media, 2019.
Graphite, siberian charcoal and oil pastels.